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I am a BIG fan of D.I.Y face masks because it’s so incredibly affordable and so easy to make. This face mask will change your skin forever ! if you suffer from dry, flaky skin and cannot seem to get it moisturised no matter what? don’t fear because you can get hydrate your skin with only 2 ingredients that is natural, organic and edible!……. yes that’s right.The magical ingredients are coconut oil and honey.

Why would you want to smother raw virgin coconut oil and honey all over your face?

Okay there are several reasons,  raw virgin coconut oil is made up of caprylic acid and this has natural antibacterial properties great for cleansing your pores and getting rid of bacteria. Coconut oil is also made up of medium chain fatty acids and for this reason it will hydrate your skin  by reducing the moisture lost from your pores.

As for the raw organic honey, this has many amazing properties for your skin, it is a natural antimicrobial so it’s great for individuals with acne leaving your skin amazingly clear with regular use. Furthermore, honey reduces the signs of ageing by reducing free radical damage that is responsible for the signs of ageing. Not only does it do all of the above it is a humectant meaning it attracts moisture from the air to your skin. Are you convinced now ? give it a try and you will see how it will transform your skin.


 For this mask you will need

1 tablespoon of Raw Organic Coconut oil

1 tablespoon of Raw Organic Honey


Gently mix both ingredients into a small bowl, tie your hair back and apply to clean dry face and neck with your fingers.

Leave on for 15-30 minutes and rinse with warm water and a flannel, pat dry and moisturise if needed.

 Use this mask 2-3 times a week to get glowing , hydrated, smooth skin, it’s truly magical.

Hydrate your skin

Step 1

Hydrate your skin

Step 2

Hydrate your skin


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