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“Healthy meals are boring!” one of the most common phrases I hear. Why do you like to eat rabbit food? healthy food is sooo bland! vegetables don’t taste as good as a big mac! i’m not kidding, I hear this all the time.

Well I beg to differ, in fact healthy food can not be any more exciting. I think the problem is people are just unaware of how to make meal times exciting.

Just because it’s vegetables, it doesn’t mean you have to leave out the spices and herbs. We all need to be a little creative at times and adventure with food. You really wouldn’t know if you like it until you tried and trust me you will. Not only will your taste buds thank you for it, but most importantly your body.

For anyone who needs a little inspiration, I have good news, I discovered a really amazing website . Mealz is a healthy cooking platform with multiple functionalities that revolves around healthy food and a lifestyle. It’s a platform where talented food bloggers, professional nutritionists and passionate home cooks share their recipes –making it more accessible to those who aim to live a long and healthy life deliciously. They  believe that educating ourselves on food and nutrition is a great way to take control of health.

Mealz strongly believe that we are what we eat and understanding why we should eat certain foods to make a positive impact on our body is a crucial step forward to leading a healthy life. Making the right choices greatly increase our chances to live

Making the right choices greatly increase our chances to live a long, healthy and happy live. And it all begins with selecting the right foods.

On their website you can find:

1. Recipes by Food Bloggers/ Nutritionists/ Health Enthusiasts who have their
own healthy creations
2. Meal Plans by Food Bloggers/Nutritionists (Sold & Free)
3. Healthy cooking related articles & interviews
4. My Planner – Where you can plan your meals ahead of time from the recipes
on Mealz.

Their  aim is to inspire those who are creative with their healthy cooking, to showcase their creations amongst respected bloggers they look up to.

It’s such a great way to find tasty recipes that are quick and easy, I’ve found and trial many and let me tell you I’ve learnt a thing or two. You can find everything there from smoothies to salads.  Their website is very user-friendly, I highly recommend that you check them out! Just click on this link, sign up and you will never call healthy food boring again.


What is high Blood Pressure? High blood pressure (Hypertension)  occurs when the blood flows through your arteries at a higher pressure than normal. This will put your heart and blood vessels under stress and eventually result in a heart attack or stroke. What population are more likely to develop high blood pressure? Black individuals are […]

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  Acne fighting foods are fairly easy to incorporate into your diet .Glow within and feed your skin the nutrients it’s longing for ! , it’s easy to take a supplement but remember food is medicine  ,eat clean and you will surely see the results you are looking for . I’m going to keep this […]

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Brain-Boosting Foods Have you ever felt like no matter what you do you just cannot concentrate and your memory has decreased? . It’s very vital that we eat well to maintain our mental health as the brain controls everything we do, it is the reason we are able to speak, think, move, store memories and […]

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