In order to achieve long , thick healthy hair it is imperative that we know how to take care of our hair. This starts with building a healthy hair regimen that you abide by on a daily basis. Your hair is constantly growing and in order to see growth you need to RETAIN your length by taking extra care of your hair ends as this is the oldest part of your hair.  If you fail to  maintain your ends , no matter how fast your hair grows the length will remain the same .It’s also essential to take care of your scalp since this is the foundation to healthy hair . Your scalp will provide your hair with best environment to grow and flourish . The scalp has a network of blood vessels that provides it with the essential nutrients it needs , however if you have an unbalanced diet you are then potentially starving your scalp of the right vitamins to create the optimal environment for your hair.Eating healthy isn’t a quick fix but a lifestyle , try to incorporate these foods into your diet to see a change.

ZINC       download

Adding the trace element zinc into your diet could potential reduce hair loss if hair loss is due to zinc deficiency . This trace element is responsible for tissue growth, repair , and building healthy cells.It also regulates the sebum production  ( natural oils )that is produced by your sebaceous glands  . Sebum imbalance can leave your scalp either too dry,flaky or too oily. Secondly zinc balances hormones, if there is a hormonal imbalance , high levels of testosterone may lead to thinning hair or hair loss.

The best source for zinc : Oysters, sesame seeds, beef steak,crab and chicken breast.

Please note too much zinc can also lead to hair loss since it can increase the production of DHT .  If you do not consume many zinc rich foods then a supplement of 8-11 mg daily will be sufficient .

VITAMIN B12     Vitamin-B12-foods_autism.soveritas.com_

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin , it’s involved in helping the production of red blood cells that is essential to bringing oxygen to the live follicle. A lack of oxygen to this region of your hair will result in unhealthy hair growth. A recommended amount of 50 mcg  with or without food should be enough.

The best source for B12: Mackerel fillets , pilchards , sardines , crab, tuna, sea bass


Vitamin B5 is important for your hairs flexibility and shine to reduce the likelihood of breaking . This vitamin is very essential for converting the foods you eat into energy and nourishing your hair follicles . A recommended daily dose of 25mg preferable in the afternoon /evening should be sufficient .

The best source for B5 :Peanuts, Avocado, Pecans , Hazelnuts


Biotin is needed for cell proliferation , when consumed it aids in the production of amino acids the building blocks of protein.  Your hair strands are approximately 91% protein ,therefore an adequate amount of biotin is needed to form and strengthen your hair strand.  It is rare that you may suffer from biotin deficiency if you eat enough protein. A daily dose of 500 mcg with food may be enough because an excess of biotin can result in breakouts so please drink plenty of water if taking high doses . In saying that , biotin is a water soluble vitamin meaning the body will uptake what it needs and excrete the rest via urine so extreme high doses would not be necessary.

The best source :  Chicken eggs  , Swiss chard,  carrots , almonds

HORSETAIL       horsetail

Horsetail is a plant that contains a  good source of silica , there has been scientific evidence that shows silica also known as silicon could promote healthy hair growth by reducing hair loss . This is achieved by balancing your hormones . Secondly silica bonds with nutrients and transports them to your hair , skin and nails. A daily intake of horsetail will result in strong , shiny lustrous hair.

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  1. Jodi says:

    Your brother recommend this page to me and I must say I love it. It gave me so much information about health and beauty. I’m going back natural and this is a lot of help. I make my own home made scrub and yours is a very good one. I’m definitely inspired . keep up the good work x

  2. Kayla says:

    Hey! I saw this post on tumblr and I NEED to start working on my hair. Thank you so much for these suggestions!

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