Transitioning from relaxed to natural can be a very exciting and nerve racking experience. I’ve recently done my “big chop” after transitioning for one year and 4 months. I just decided one day it was time to let go of my relaxed hair so I grabbed a pair of hair scissors and begun sniping away!  I felt so liberated and happy with my decision even though my hair was a shorter length than was used to, I knew my hair will grow with time.

For all the ladies transitioning you will go through that awkward stage, you may not know how to style your hair, what products to use and how to build a regime for your two textures. These are my tips that helped me along my hair journey that I would like to share with you.

  1. Do not compare your hair with others! we are all so different, unique and beautiful in our own ways. Your hair may grow at a different rate to others, the volume may be thicker or thinner and the products others use may not work for you. Just do you! no one else has the same hair as you
  2. Does not transition half-heartedly, make sure this is what you want to do, remember this isn’t a trend.
  3. If you are unsure if you want to go natural, consider getting a natural hair wig this will give you an idea of what natural hair is like before you commit, it’s also a protective style
  4. Massage your scalp daily to increase blood flow to your scalp; this can speed up hair growth.
  5. You are going to experience breakage if you do not moisturize your ends and new growth correctly and every night. I used the L.O.C method and this worked amazingly for me. The L.O.C method involves using a water base conditioner first followed by a sealant oil usually coconut oil, then a butter (my favorite is avocado butter).
  6. Use a protein treatment once a month to strengthen and repair your hair
  7. Use protective styles to eliminate the frequency in which you comb your hair. Combing your hair can increase the chance of breakage especially when done on dry hair.
  8. Do not watch your hair growth daily, lol yes many people do this and I’m guilty. Your hair will grow with time and on average of half an inch a month.
  9. Drink plenty of water! it’s advised to drink the amount according to your body weight and even your physical activity for the day. So calculate your body weight in pounds, divide it by 2 and drink that many ounces of water each day.
  10. Build a realistic regime that you are able to stick with, It is so important to get into the routine that will fit into your daily life.
  11. Reduce the amount of heat you use per week. Heat isn’t the worst thing in the world because there are times when u may need to blow dry or flat iron your hair, but it is damaging. Just try to eliminate this to twice a month maximum.
  12. Trim your hair a little each month using hair scissors
  13. Deep condition at least once a week!This will be your best friend. I would advise for you to find a natural deep conditioner that works well for your hair, one that has no parabens or nasties.
  14. Use all natural hair products, whether it means making your own or buying natural shampoos and conditioners.Don’t fall into the trap of using chemicals again that’s the whole reason of you going natural so it only makes sense to use natural ingredients.
  15. Air dry your hair after washes. I put my hair in 4 plaits or in a ponytail slicked down with my silk scarf to lay down the front.
  16. Sleep with a silk bonnet / scarf or pillow case to reduces breakage when you are sleeping.
  17. Hair vitamin tablets are a great way of getting all the essentials vitamins and minerals if you do not eat a balanced diet and don’t forget your omega 3 fatty acid. Remember healthy hair is the most important
  18. Many of you will not know or even remember your natural hair texture, don’t get caught up in the hair typingI’m really not a big fan of this. This just segregates us black women from each other even more. Instead, love whatever your natural texture is, it’s your hair and god made you this way.

Just remember you are beautiful and so is your hair whether you are natural or relaxed. Once you have big chopped embrace it.

This is a picture of my hair after one year and 6 months

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