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It’s amazing how some of the foods we eat resemble the body parts it’s good for ,it’s as if God left clues for us ! .Do you remember growing up as a child your parents would tell you if you eat all your carrots you would be able to see in the dark ? ….Well this wasn’t a trick to get you to eat your veggies.

sliced carrot eye

Have a look at a sliced carrot  it looks very much like a human eye, you can see the pupil and the iris. The reason carrots are orange is due to the level of beta carotene , the beta carotene improves blood flow to the eye and provides protection.


Avocado A.K.A pear resembles a baby in the womb, yes that’s right Avocados are amazing for a woman reproductive system . Isn’t it funny how it takes 9 months to grow ….that is no coincidence.  This fruit contains a good level of folic acid (Vitamin B9) which is essential to a babies brain development  , a research showed that when a woman eats one avocado a week it can prevent cervical cancer , and speed up the time it takes to get rid of post pregnancy fat.


Walnuts! these resemble the brain , if you look carefully you can see the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere , upper cerebrum and lower cerebrum. These are great for your brain because of it’s high levels of omega 3 fatty acid that our brain needs. The brain is made up of around 60% saturated fat so its important the fats we consume are high levels of omega 3 to feed our brains.


Tomatoes  has 4 chambers and is red just like the heart. Lycopene is responsible for the red pigmentation and this decreases levels of oxidized LDL (bad cholesterol) ,  it reduces inflammation which is linked to heart disease , lowers blood pressure and reduce risk of stroke.


Bananas can make you happy ! it even looks like a cheesy grin.  Bananas contain the protein Tryptophan and this converts into serotonin the happy neurotransmitter .


Rhubarb is great for bone health because its packed full of sodium. Our bones are made up of approximately 23% sodium , if our diet lacks sodium the body takes this from your bones leaving your bones weak.

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