Acne fighting foods are fairly easy to incorporate into your diet .Glow within and feed your skin the nutrients it’s longing for ! , it’s easy to take a supplement but remember food is medicine  ,eat clean and you will surely see the results you are looking for .

I’m going to keep this post short & sweet and share with you some of the best acne fighting foods!.


1-Pumpkin seeds  are one of the best sources of zinc , and an important mineral to regulate your sebum production ( your natural oil production)  . Excessive oil mixed with dirt means blocked pores and blocked pores means spots !. Zinc also possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties needed to reduce swelling and redness.


2-Prawns are great as they contain zinc , selenium and astaxanthin . The astaxanthin  provides the pink color seen in prawns but most importantly  it’s a very powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage caused by oxidative stress. Usually acne sufferers  posses a lower amount of antioxidant and this may be the reason for frequent breakouts .


3-Red peppers consists of large amounts of beta carotene ,another great anti inflammatory.


4-Sweet potatoes are a fantastic source of beta carotene and immunomodulating proteins which are important in supporting your immune function . A weak immune system will find it difficult to fight off infections and pathogens that attack the body .


These are SOME of the best acne fighting foods, if this post was helpful please share and like ! :-)

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