Antibiotics treat harmful bacterial infections in humans and other animals to keep us healthy.  However recently there has been concerns in the U.K regarding antibiotic resistant bacteria (as seen on BBC news )  . Harmful bacteria are adapting and finding new ways to build up resistance to survive in any condition.This is a MAJOR problem and as a result antibiotics are not as effective as they once were. This is why I would like to share my advice on the most powerful and effective natural antibiotics.


This occurs when there has been an overuse in prescription antibiotics for minor infections . The medication only destroys some bacteria’s  leaving resistant strains behind to multiply.



There has been numerous studies which provides evidence to show that garlic contains natural antibiotic properties. A study by Ankri.S (1999) found that garlic has antibacterial activity against multi-resistant bacteria’s such as E.coli  and candida. This is due to it’s active ingredient Allicin .  In order to use garlic, just simply crush and add to your food , eat it raw , or make warm garlic tea.


Grapefruit seed extract has probably got to be my favourite most powerful and effective natural antibiotic.  This is a broad spectrum antibiotic capable of destroying different types of pathogens from bacterial to parasitic and even fungal infections . It can be used  internally or externally . You can find it in any  health food store .


Oregano oil possesses wonderful anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial , anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties , this is due to its powerful active ingredient carvacrol and thymol.  It is best to purchase 100% oregano oil and dilute as needed.


I love honey ! but this isn’t just any honey it’s manuka honey . Bees pollinate the manuka bush to produce this wonderful tasting natural antibiotic.The active ingredient is methylglyoxal and the higher the amount the more potent it is. This can be applied topically to your cuts, grazes or internally straight off the spoon.

Please seek professional advice before incorporating these methods into your lifestyle- I am not a doctor.

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8 Comments on The Most Powerful And Effective Natural Antibiotics!

  1. Steffi says:

    I love all things natural!! A post like this is my type of read! Great info thanks for sharing, it’s all so spot on!

  2. Ailie says:

    Thanks for sharing this advice – I always look for natural remedies wherever possible, and I must admit grapefruit seed extract and oil of oregano are new to me, so I’ll keep these in mind. You learn something new everyday! :)

    • Aydrene says:

      Aw thank you ! I’m glad this post was helpful . Yeah the grapefruit seed extract is so amazing u need to try it!

  3. Deniza says:

    I love garlic, onions and lemon juice. Antibiotics have their place too but many doctors prescribe them for little infections that are caused by virus most of the time. Our prof told us today that any infection above lungs is viral, not caused by bacteria. Still, many parents don’t understand when I tell them their child has a mild viral infection and just needs rest, fluids and proper nutrition. Pills seem to sound easier for them :/

    • Aydrene says:

      You’re right. It’s actually sad because that’s the exact reason why we are in the situation now . Antibiotics are given out for every reason … hopefully this post will show people that there are other options.

  4. LIsa Barry says:

    I am sending this to my mum. She has had a couple of bad years with chest infections and is so worried about the amount of antibiotics she’s consuming. She hardly recovers before she is ill again because her system is low. I hope these foods can help to build her up again. Thank you

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