Do you need to beat the winter blues? are you feeling a little down and need to elevate your mood?  Not many people are aware of this but your mood is very much affected by your diet and what you are consuming on a daily basis.  A Jamaican diet is filled with mood enhancing fruits and vegetables known to rid depression, mood swings and irritability. Here are the top 5 Jamaican fruits that will  raise your vibration.


Noni is a fruit that is grown all over Jamaica, some may say it’s the cure-all since the health benefits are so astonishing. There have been many health  claims for this truly amazing fruit. It’s known to prevent cancer, destroy bacteria, it’s an antioxidant, it improves your immune system and boost energy levels, but most importantly it uplifts your mood. There has been scientific evidence to prove that Noni promotes relaxation by diminishing stress and anxiety.


Breadfruit is a green large round starchy fruit derived from a flowering tree. It has a firm, pale yellow texture with a very mild taste. Due to its low glycemic index, your body will slowly absorb the sugar from the fruit into your bloodstream to avoid a sugar crash. As a result, of this, it will reduce your sugar cravings, help you feel fuller for longer, prevent mood swings and irritability. You can enjoy breadfruit by roasting it  followed by shallow frying  and top off with a little sprinkle of sea salt, It tastes divine.


Like Breadfruit, Jackfruit is derived from the mulberry family, you can see they are related just by the appearance, with its slightly prickly skin. The flesh is sweet and tastes so delicious, a bit difficult to describe. Due to its  low glycemic index(GI) it can regulate your blood sugar level, therefore balancing your mood. But what is a (GI)? this is a measurement of the relationship between the foods that you consume and how it directly raises your blood sugar level.

To enjoy this wonderful fruit, it is best to discard the outer skin layer and to consume the flesh both unripe or ripe.


Papaya is an amazingly sweet fruit with a beautiful sunny orange flesh, soft consistency and a pear-like shape. Not only does it taste great but It contains more vitamin C than an orange and this is the reason for its mood enhancing properties.  There has been a double blind clinical trial to suggest evidence that a daily dose of  500 Mg of vitamin C can reduce mood disturbances by 34% and improved your overall mood. 500mg of Vitamin C equals to just 2 large papayas a day! how amazing is that?


I know some of you may think watermelon isn’t the most exciting fruit to eat, but I absolutely love it !!.  The majority of the flesh contains water which is why it’s one of the best hydrating foods in the world.  By eating only a few slices a day, it will raise your mood due to it’s high levels of B6 which is responsible for the making of the “happy” chemicals in our brains (Gamma-amino butyric acid, serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine).

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