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I will be showing you how to make this delicious Alkaline Algae smoothie. Like the name says it’s designed to bring back balance to your body, improve your immune system, give you glowing skin, improve digestion, destroy cancer cells and promote energy.

So you want to know how to make this?…. Keep on reading

Don’t let the colour scare you lol, especially if you’re not use to eating many vegetables. This smoothie is a winner in my house and because of the combination you can’t actually taste the vegetables.

So what’s so special about this Alkaline Algae smoothie? It contains:

Cucumber–  A very refreshing vegetable, with it being made up of mostly water It’s great for hydrating your skin! If you suffer from dry flaky skin, cucumber can resolve those issues. It contains antioxidants and silica that is needed to rejuvenate your skin.

Kale– One of the best sources of vitamin K and it’s a very nutrient dense food. One single cup contains 206% of the recommended amount of vitamin A. It contains virtually no fat, so eat as much as you like without feeling guilty.

Spinach– Everyone associate spinach with Popeye and this is for a good reason. It truly does make you big and strong. With it being one of the best sources of iron.

Spirulina– Not many people know about spirulina. I’m here to enlighten you. So spirulina is a blue-green algae that is formed in a pond, it’s 60% protein and contains high levels of vitamin B12 ( for energy)

The combination of these ingredients are great for making your body alkaline. So why is this important?

Well, if your body is acidic between (1-6) on the Ph scale which most of us are, then you are at risk of developing many different types of diseases, especially cancer. Cancer cells grow and thrive in these conditions but it cannot survive in an alkaline body.

So what makes your body Acidic ?

1- Cow’s dairy




Now that you know why this smoothie is so special it’s on to the good stuff…. how to make this smoothie

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1 Cup of apple juice

1/4 Cup kale

1/4 Cup spinach

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

half teaspoon spirulina

half a cucumber


Place ingredients  into a blender and blend until smooth.

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