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It’s coming up to that time of year again , Halloween season ! . I created a really wonderful Pumpkin Spice sugar scrub .  It’s easy & affordable to make at home and smells divine!

Pumpkin Spice body Scrub

Pumpkin spice body scrub. Photographer instagram : @patex21


1 Cup -Organic fine golden granulated sugar

1.5 Tablespoon – Organic extra virgin olive oil

1.5 Tablespoon- Organic unrefined shea butter

2 teaspoon- Pumpkin pie spice mix

3 teaspoon -vanilla extract

1/4 Cup –  Dr Bronners baby unscented castile soap

6 drops of Vitamin E oil




1-Gently melt the shea butter with olive oil in the microwave for 1 minute

2-Add the sugar,  pumpkin spice mix , vanilla extract , castile soap and vitamin E oil

3-Mix well

4-Pour into a clean disinfected container and store .


This is a  fabulous  quick and easy  D.I.Y gift for anyone who loves to pamper themselves. So go on indulge in this sweet smelling all natural organic pumpkin spice sugar body scrub!.


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